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   Hi, my name is Zamna Urista-Rojas. When I was young in California I was super active. I enjoyed skateboarding, surfing, hiking ect for years. I also trained in Karate, Boxing, and Wrestling.

   Later I became a musician and spent the next 25 odd years as one, but unfortunately along the way I ignored my health. Eventually I began to suffer extreme health problems of which no doctor or specialist I went to could help. I turned to changing my life habits in an effort to change the direction of my health and life. Slowly I began to train more and more Mixed Martial Arts, changing my diet, sleeping patterns ect and totally rebuilding my health. To this day it is a daily process for me, something that I enjoy immensely.

   A big part of MMA training is a mix of HIIT, Yoga, "Primal" movement, ANIMAL FLOW,  Body Weight Movement ect and various Martial Arts such as BJJ, Muay Thai kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling/Grappling ect ect. Currently I teach MMA in Ermatigen. Because I would like to help others also recover and maintain their health, I am certified as a Personal Trainer, Kickboxing trainer, MMA trainer and ANIMAL FLOW Instructor. Looking forward to meeting you and starting a new path together.

Zamna Urista - Rojas


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